AOA steps up fight against 1-800 Contacts anti-patient bills

In its ongoing fight against 1-800 Contacts’ efforts that interfere with critical patient safety and public health safeguards while maligning individual optometrists and the wider profession, the AOA is stepping up its call to action among state affiliates.


Utah-based 1-800 Contacts has proposed legislation in at least 14 states to prohibit unilateral pricing policies (UPP) for contact lenses by downplaying serious patient safety and public health concerns and negatively painting optometry and the care that ODs provide to patients. As a result, the AOA and state affiliates are opposing this legislation, noting that it fails to combat rampant problems within the online contact lens industry and does not adequately address public health and patient safety concerns.


On top of collaborating with and updating state affiliates on the situation, the AOA has also been quick to respond to attacks on optometry from 1-800 Contacts. At a recent hearing held by Washington state lawmakers, representatives from 1-800 Contacts called concerns about serious health risks “bogus” and implied that doctors of optometry were engaging in unethical or even illegal activity.


After 30 years in practice, AOA President David A. Cockrell O.D., sees these attacks on optometry’s professional ethics, judgment and dignity “as the most serious threat ever to the bond we’ve established with our patients and the public perception of optometric care. Together, we can fight back and win for our patients, our practices and our profession.”


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